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Catherine Malandrino Romance De Provence



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Product Description

Discover the timeless allure of breathtaking Provence with this intimate floral bouquet. Catherine Malandrino Romance de Provence opens with fruity nuances of pear and black currant.

Customer Reviews

Jessie M. - 06/25/2017

Very nice scent

Floral and feminine

Lindsay B. - 06/24/2017



Trista W. - 06/24/2017


Beautiful scent

JUANA P. - 06/24/2017


Nice scent!!

Hilary S. - 06/24/2017

simply not my fave

fragrance is suuuch a personal preference thing, and this just wasn't for me. i tend to stray from particularly strong fragrances, and i found this one to be a bit too intense for me. i get migraines and have trouble with a lot of scented products. but my aunt, who i always give my fragrances to when i receive them in a box or sample, she LOVED this one!! so three stars for her enthusiasm for the product :)

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