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Precise Marker Liner - GirlActik



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Product Description

This precise marker liner's soft, felt tip is designed to create the perfect dramatic line. The formula is weightless, long lasting, water resistant, smudge proof, and applies comfortably on the eye, with no pulling or tugging.
#Boxytip: Apply a thin line along the top lash line, to bring out your natural eye shape and definition. Apply a slightly thicker line for more dramatic look. Feeling bold? Smudge it out for even more drama!

Customer Reviews

BREANNA C. - 05/29/2017


I don't use eyeliner at all ever but I was impressed by this product when I swatched it. Super pigmented and easy to glide. I did attempt a wing but failed, in no result of the product though.

Flor N. - 05/29/2017



Tessa B. - 05/28/2017


Im new to using liquid liner and the application was so easy with this. And it stayed pigmented throughout and didnt skip at all.

Deidre E. - 05/28/2017


This is a pretty good eyeliner

Jordan S. - 05/28/2017


really dark liner

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