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Thrive Causemetics - Brilliant Eye Brightener



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Product Description

Brilliant Eye Brightener highlights, brightens, and opens the eyes, proving an instant eye lift.
#Boxytip: Apply to inner + outer corner of eye and/or above + below bone. Instantly neutralize redness by applying directly to your waterline.

Customer Reviews

Zelma K. - 06/25/2017


Great for the corner highlight

Jessie M. - 06/25/2017


Perfect for under the brow highlight

Hilary S. - 06/24/2017


i love this in every possible way you can use the product! i love it as a shadow base, i love it as a base for my inner corner highlight, i enjoy running it along my waterline to make my eyes pop...it's just an outstanding well rounded product. i also LOVE thrive cosmetics. i care who i buy from, and thrive cosmetics has got to be one of the BEST companies out there, using their profits and their products to make a difference in the world. i have so much respect for them, and also for the work they've clearly put into all of their formulas. try out their lash glue too...it's incredible!

Amanda S. - 06/24/2017


I like it

miraida r. - 06/23/2017


so nice

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