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Cougar - Mineral Face & Body Shimmer



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Product Description

This Mineral Face & Body Shimmer is formulated using feather-like shimmering minerals that add a radiant sparkle when lightly brushed anywhere on the body. Great for adding a little extra sparkle to any look.
#Boxytip: Step 1 - Using your favorite powder brush, lightly tap into product. Step 2 - Lightly brush onto desired areas and hang it up to dry.

Customer Reviews

Jessie M. - 06/25/2017


For setting your face makes you glow

Hilary S. - 06/24/2017


i use this WAY more than i initially thought i would, and it's about time i reviewed it. it's a stunning gold shimmering loose powder pigment, and it looks beautiful on the skin...especially if you're a bit tan, or naturally medium/deeper in skin tone! this makes a stunning eyeshadow when mixed with a mixing liquid/fluid base, worn over a glitter glue, or just applied with a wet brush. i find it particularly stunning when used as an inner corner highlight, but placed in the center of the lid, it turns a warm smokey eye into a total knockout look. because it said it could be used as a body shimmer, i've also used it (when i have a bit of a tan) on the edges of my shoulder and along the tops of my collar bones. it just makes you look healthy and glowy. i had no idea i'd like this as much as i do (i'd never heard of the brand and didn't quite know what it was until i played around with it), and i completely recommend it!

Wendi P. - 06/24/2017


Ok. Not great will not buy again

Amanda S. - 06/24/2017


Don't really like it

miraida r. - 06/23/2017


beautiful body shimmer

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