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PÜR - Château Cheek Stain



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Product Description

Give your cheeks the perfect wash of colour with PÜR's Château Cheek Stain. This gel-like formula melts onto your skin to give your look a dewy fresh glow. Add a dab for barely there tint or layer it on for a dramatic flush of moisture-rich colour. Either way you wear the cheek stain blush, your skin will thank you.
#Boxytip: Dab the cheek stain blush colour directly to the cheek and blend upward and outward using the blending brush applicator.

Customer Reviews

Kaitlyn G. - 06/25/2017

Cheek stain

Nice. Cute color soft brush

Jessie M. - 06/25/2017

Don't get it

Just doesn't work for me

Hilary S. - 06/24/2017

i like the concept

while i like the concept of this product, the performance just didn't do it for me. i love on-the-go makeup that takes into account that so many people who love makeup don't have the ability to sit down and spend a lot of time on it every morning, so this style of product is right up my alley. and i quite like the brush that comes on this product. however, i found that the blush end of the stick moved my foundation around quite a bit underneath. it removed coverage where i put the blush, and as someone with rosacea, that's my makeup nightmare! it was passed on and is loved by my sister, who doesn't wear foundation, and she loves it. so it's definitely not a complete fail because i found someone who really enjoys using this, but if you regularly wear base makeup, you might find this a bit tricky to work with.

miraida r. - 06/23/2017


not my favorite brush

miraida r. - 06/23/2017

not a fan of the packaging


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